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Our Capabilities

The Holes pile cutter can cut up to a 20” pile. The saw has an integrated water delivery system that supplies water to the blade during cutting operations to mitigate silica exposure. Additionally, the enclosed cab also protects the worker from respirable silica and flying debris. The Holes Pile Cutter requires no additional manpower or equipment to cut, hold and place cut pile in designated area, making it the safe, efficient, mobile and reliable pile cutter in the industry.

Equipment Specs

  • Cut piles 14”-20” diameter
  • Faster & Safer than traditional cutting methods
  • Works well in the toughest conditions
  • One man operation-safe and efficient!
  • Has two sets of self-attaching clamps to prevent any unexpected movement of the cut pile
  • Enables pile cutting without additional manpower & equipment
  • Disposal of cut piles is also available
The Holes Piile Cutter

The Holes pile cutter can cut, hold and place cut pile in designated area

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