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Holes Incorporated provides an array of services to meet your concrete cutting, sawing, removal and demolition needs. Our services include:

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core drilling

Core Drilling

Holes Incorporated’s core drilling equipment can safely and effectively create holes as small as one-quarter inch to as large as 48 inches in diameter for...

wall sawing

Wall Sawing

Wall Sawing is a core capability of Holes Incorporated. This unique wall sawing technique allows our customers to save valuable time and money...

slab sawing

Slab Sawing

Holes Incorporated is the leader in Slab Sawing techniques. From structural foundations, interstate highways and airport runways to parking lots...

lift out

Lift Out

Invented and developed by Holes Incorporated, the Total Lift Out service is a quick, easy and clean method of concrete removal. This method is ideal for...

wire sawing

Wire Sawing

When traditional concrete saws are not feasible for a job, we offer our innovated wire sawing techniques above and below water. A wire saw consists of...

ground penetrating radar

Ground Penetrating Radar

Provided through Holes Technology, the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) process is a non-destructive method for identifying metal targets or...

concrete breaking

Concrete Breaking

Holes Incorporated can safely break up and remove concrete, asphalt and stabilized base on the job site in an efficient manner and has the tools and...

load and haul

Load and Haul

Holes Incorporated is committed to providing high quality load and haul services. We do this in a safe, timely, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly manner...

pile cutting

Pile Cutting

The saw has an integrated water delivery system that supplies water to the blade during cutting operations to mitigate silica exposure. The enclosed cab...




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