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July 22, 2013

"Dear Ms. Vazquez,

The Clark Construction Group, LLC would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Holes
Incorporated for the excellent job that your team performed in assisting the Clark Construction
Group, LLC with the Hobby Airport Project 417F Phase II, Roadway Expansion Joints and
Topping Slab Replacement. Your team provided the necessary professionalism and expert
workmanship with a detailed exploratory pilot hole coring program to determine the exact saw
cutting depths needed within the concrete topping slabs throughout the elevated roadway,
avoiding any over cutting of the structural concrete system below. This attention to detail,
coordination and planning provided by the Holes Inc. team allowed for your saw cutting and
removal of the topping slabs in a most expeditious and efficient manner. Your stellar
performance accelerated the very difficult schedule and greatly aided in the success of this
delicate but highly visible project.

Additionally we would like to commend Holes Inc. on your companies approach to safety, and
the dedicated performance and adherence to that safety program by your project team . The very
successful completion of this work was a team effort and Clark greatly appreciated Holes Inc.
working with us toward that goal.

Thank you again and we look forward to a continued successful relationship with Holes
Incorporated on future endeavours.


Anthony J. Gallivan
Vice President
Clark Construction Group, LLC


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