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Holes Incorporated mainly services the Greater Gulf Coast, but each year that region grows.  During 2017, Holes also performed work in Illinois, Georgia and Louisiana. 

The Illinois project that was completed in 2017 was our fourth annual contract to perform concrete sawing and drilling inside this facility.  The facility renovated four units over four years.  In 2017, Holes performed core drilling (96) 8” diameter 68” deep holes for removal of anchor bolts, and we wire sawed six foundations flush to the ground to assist them with the final unit renovation.  We have been successful on this project since day one, and it is due to this project that we have built a solid team for large shut down work. 

The Georgia job consisted of sending four senior operators to perform core drilling, 24” deep slab sawing, 24” deep wall sawing and wire sawing foundations flush to the ground.  The facility is being transformed and renovated, and Holes was hired to perform the concrete demolition and removal portion of the project.  The core drilling consisted of ?drilling (95) 1-3/8” diameter 14” deep holes, (12) 1-1/8” diameter 14” deep holes, and (35) 3/4” diameter 6” deep holes for new anchor bolts.  The 24” deep slab sawing was performed to widen existing trenches from 4’ wide to 6’ wide in different areas.  The wall saw was used to perform 24” deep sawing to also widen existing trenches where the slab saw would not fit.  Two foundations were wire sawed flush to ground for removal by customer.  Our initial contract is complete on this project, but due to our overall success on the project, more work is scheduled for 2018. 

Most recently, we finished a project in Washington, Louisiana where we sent four operators to perform a large core drilling project.  One of the facility compressors was down, and we were hired to drill out the existing anchor bolts so that a new compressor and new anchors could be installed.  The job consisted of drilling (22) 8” diameter 66” deep holes, (26) 6” diameter 66” deep holes, (11) 2.5” diameter 7’10” deep holes over bolts.  The difficulties of this job were due to the anchor bolts being tied to rebar.  A quarter of the bolts required three holes to be able to pull the existing anchor bolt from the foundation.  The job was completed ahead of schedule, and our client was extremely satisfied. 

All of these projects were awarded to us due to our safety program, our safety record and our reputation of being able to complete the impossible.  




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