Green Practices

Being environmentally responsible is important at Holes Incorporated. We take many steps to ensure that we do our part to be environmentally conscientious and responsible. These are just a few ways in which we make a positive impact on the environment.

Lowering Truck Emissions

Holes Intalls trackers in all company trucks which allows us to dispatch the closest truck to the jobsite, in turn lowering total emissions.

Used Motor Oil Recycling

Used oil should be disposed of properly as it can pollute land, water and infrastructure. Holes recycles 100% of used oil and has a 500 gallon tank onsite to store used oil. All trucks and equipment are maintained and receive regular lubricating oil changes. As a result of the recycling efforts, approximately 4500 gallons of oil are recycled each year at Holes. The used oil is picked up by a local company that removes the oil from our premises, cleans the oil and re-sells it to different industries across the United States.

Paper & Plastic Recycling

The production of industrialized paper and plastic creates a negative impact on the environment, consuming energy, adding to landfill waste and pollution. Holes recycles all paper and plastic consumed or used at their central office location, separating recyclables from non recyclables and then loading them in a special dumpster for recycling. By following self imposed recycling guidelines, Holes estimates that we recycle 300 cubic yards of paper and plastic each year.

Tire Recycling

Another way Holes is working to save the environment is by using retreaded tires on our trucks. Approximately 500 tires that are purchased every year by Holes are retreaded, helping to further eliminate landfill waste.

Used Oil & Fuel Filter Recycling

All used oil and fuel filters are recycled at Holes. The central office has three 55 gallon drums which accommodate up to 300 filters each. The drums are retrieved by a recycling company every two months, allowing Holes to recycle 5,400 filters each year.

Broken Concrete & Construction Debris

Every day, Holes performs concrete sawing, concrete breaking, load and haul or concrete removal. When concrete is removed from a jobsite it is taken to a concrete recycling process center. Holes estimates that our efforts are responsible for recycling over 50 to 75 million tons of concrete, asphalt and base per year. Help us save the environment; hire Holes on your next demo project.