Ground Penetrating RadarProvided through Holes Technology, the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) process is a non-destructive method for identifying metal targets or obstructions within the slab. GPR is an all in one system for data collection, processing and imaging. The Holes Technician can scan up to 16” of concrete, allowing him to produce a 3-D image with a written report including images of obstructions that were located by the GPR process.

How it Works

Unlike X-Ray technology which requires access to both sides, this complex, nondestructive technology requires access to only one side of the concrete object making it ideal for construction site use. Also unlike x-ray systems, Ground Penetrating Radar can be performed during regular business hours with others on location. Why rely on old surveys or blue print specs, which offer only an approximate location of obstructions, when the Ground Penetrating Radar system provides the client pin-point accuracy on the location of impediments and important unearthed structures.

The streamlined, efficient Ground Penetrating Radar system saves clients valuable time and money by avoiding costly mistakes. The service is very affordable and can be quickly implemented by a knowledgeable Holes Technology technician.

Another benefit of the Ground Penetrating Radar System is instantaneous analysis of data. The system allows a Holes Technician to quickly identify hazards, obstructions or voids on a concrete pad or structure which can then be immediately interpreted for the client.

Ground Penetrating Radar Photos