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Core Drilling

Holes Incorporated’s core drilling methods can safely and effectively cut and create holes – at any depth or angle - for pipes, manholes and other large diameter penetrations up to 48 inches.
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Wall Sawing

Holes Incorporated is the leader in wall sawing techniques used to tackle precise vertical wall cuts and steep inclines where flat saws are obsolete.
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Slab Sawing

Holes Incorporated, implements slab sawing for structural foundations, interstate highways, airport runways, parking lots, factory floors, off-shore production platforms, and decorative visual appeal.
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Lift Out

Invented and developed by Holes Incorporated, the Total Lift Out service is a quick, easy and clean method of concrete removal. This method is ideal for highway, roadway and slab repair and replacement. The Total Lift Out process allows removal of large pieces of slab in one solid piece as opposed to the traditional concrete breaking methods.
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Wire Sawing

When traditional concrete sawing methods are not feasible, Holes implements a wire sawing technique that consists of a thin wire coated with diamond tipped cutting beads, which allow cuts of any shape or thickness.
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Ground Penetrating Radar

Provided through Holes Technology, the Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) process is a non-destructive method for identifying metal targets or obstructions within the slab. GPR is an all in one system for data collection, processing and imaging.
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Holes Incorporated demonstrates their dedication to concrete cutting industry knowledge and service through their affiliation with many leading organizations including:

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On the Cutting Edge of Safety

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Since 1972, Holes Incorporated, and its family of companies, has been on the cutting edge of the concrete sawing, drilling, scanning, demolition and removal industry. 

Their dedication to concrete cutting research and development has lead to the integration of many high-tech tools and services that help customers save time and money. Holes Incorporated takes great pride in their workmanship, and is dedicated to meeting and exceeding customers’ needs.

The Holes Incorporated team believes every project should be performed in the safest manner. providing each employee with the proper tools needed for jobsite safety. From providing the best safety training available to employing the latest safety techniques, tools and certification, Holes Incorporated ensures that their safety-first culture is upheld.

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